Although the news abound with nutrition advice -often contradictory, new more complex solutions for what ails us and new tastes, textures and formulas to tantalize our senses, nutrition in its simplest format is still the better option to provide us with the energy and nutrients we need to stay healthy. So keep it simple!  
QUICK FIXES!  Don't you just love the idea that a problem will disappear by snapping your fingers. It's a great idea, and ideas work great in the "ideas" world.  

However, the body we inherited at birth is pure flesh and blood. Made up of water, protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals...and ideas of course...good ones and not so good ones! 

And this body needs a good combination of various foods to function well so that it  can go about its daily activities...and ideas of course!

It also needs lots of physical activity, fresh air and sleep to maintain top  performance...and lots of good ideas of course!

So here's the thing...where did we ever get the idea that we could undo in one day what it took us days, weeks and years to do. More specifically I'm thinking of weight loss!  January is probably the single most important month for advertising weight loss programs.

Beware the quick fixes...make changes ONE DAY AT THE TIME! 

And more importantly feel free to share your good ideas about weight loss.
    Like these kernels have evolved over centuries, so does nutrition. Keeping on top of new developments is our job and we want to share our findings with you


    A true believer in "here and now", Claire loves to research new information on good wholesome food... food that nourishes body, mind and soul.

    The key word is "nourishes".    And the results are health for better quality of life.  Yes, "health is the new wealth" for today, tomorrow for the future!

    Claire is a Registered Dietitian - for more than 30 years now. She likes to think she's seen it all, but something new always creeps up ALWAYS!  Her no-nonsense approach to healthy eating will delight you, so read on! And feel free to share your thoughts